coinbase flash crash
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Coinbase flash crash bitcoin machines in my area

Coinbase flash crash

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Most flash crashes occur due to mistyped or misfiled trading orders at low prices. On exchanges, investors can easily make a mistake in entering a wrong figure for a buy or a sell order. Even on major stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange NYSE and Nasdaq, flash crashes occur quite regularly and because algorithms and bot trading dominate most markets, technical glitches cannot be avoided.

As Investopedia explained :. That said, global exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and the CME have put in place stronger security measures and mechanisms to prevent them and the staggering losses they can lead to.

They cannot eliminate them altogether, but they have been able to mitigate the damages they can cause. In June, Coinbase experienced a flash crash on its platform with Ethereum. Given the discrepancy between the average price and the price that was achieved during the flash crash, Coinbase decided to reimburse traders affected by it. It remains unclear whether Coinbase will reimburse traders that lost out on the flash crash but if the company finds that an error on the side of the user led to the flash crash, then it is likely that reimbursements will not be made.

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For anyone not familiar with trading and exchanges, a stop loss order is an order to sell stock or cryptocurrency when the price drops to a certain level. Additionally, a margin funding liquidation is when you borrow funds to go long and bet that an asset will rise in price, and if the price instead drops, your position may be automatically closed to reimburse the party that lent you the money to go long.

Both of these types of trades require assets to be sold, which further drives down the price. Originally GDAX said that they would be honoring all of these orders, since the trades were legitimate and in accordance with their trading rules. However, yesterday they announced that the exchange will be using company funds to reimburse customers who suffered losses as the result of a margin call or stop loss order executed.