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Crypto done with consolidation bitcoin price prediction july 2022

Crypto done with consolidation

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Companies that struggle to raise capital will make easy acquisition targets, the advisors said. Software code and other intellectual property may be sold off for parts if the company behind the protocol does not have lasting value, added Korn. Executives at eToro Group and CoinFlip have spoken recently about looking to take advantage of buying opportunities. The contagion spread far beyond FTX to almost every lender in the industry and several large funds.

Crypto lending platform BlockFi filed for bankruptcy 28 November, crypto mining data center operator Compute North filed for bankruptcy in September, and lender Celsius Network filed for bankruptcy in July. Its shares are trading at around 69 cents after topping USD 20 in late Sullivan expects a pullback in investment from large funds for a long period of time and perhaps more hesitancy for new entrants to the crypto space, but remains bullish on long-term growth.

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Rachel covers fintech and the broader tech sector for Mergermarket. By Rachel Stone. Bankruptcy contagion Companies that struggle to raise capital will make easy acquisition targets, the advisors said.

More are likely coming. Financial Services. Recommended articles Recommendations are powered by your interests. Recommended Mergermarket event 16 Mar. Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney and Online. Related insights. Better life: Latin American capital starts relocating to Spain 14th February In this case, the consolidation will likely break out downwards in a trend reversal.

The stock was going up, then moved sideways, then plummeted down. The meaning of consolidation remains the same when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This is because the cryptocurrency market is in general quite volatile. Furthermore, the factors driving crypto market movements are somewhat different from those relevant to other tradable assets.

For example, the crypto market is affected by an increasing global push from governmental bodies to regulate these assets. Alternatively, investors might be waiting for better times to enter or exit their positions.

Some believe that the crypto consolidation period is a market correction after the massive run-up in prices seen in the past years. Crypto price consolidation is not inherently good or bad. Some traders thrive when markets are in chaos, and others do well when the market is calm.

If a crypto price is in a downtrend, it may find support at some level and start to move sideways in a consolidation phase. In this case, consolidation can be good, because it may indicate that the price has found a bottom and may move up soon.

Alternatively, if the price is in an uptrend and then starts to consolidate, it may signify that the bullish trends are losing momentum, and the price may begin to move down soon.

None of this is guaranteed, though. In short, this question has no straight answer. The late spring of was a turning point for crypto when Bitcoin BTC experienced a massive plunge to almost half of its highest price point.

This only adds to the uncertainty of how long a crypto trend or consolidation may last. A more abstract answer is that consolidation will last until a significant event causes a breakout. This event may be news affecting the market or a particular asset, significant changes in regulations, a new strong player entering, and so on.

Bitcoin going through a consolidation phase in late August between red resistance and green support lines , followed by a false upward breakout yellow upward trendline and then a high-volume downtrend yellow downward trendline and yellow circle indicating surge in trading volume Source: Phemex.

Following crypto news and honing your technical analysis skills will fundamentally prepare you for reading the crypto market. Using Bitcoin as an example, you can pull out its charts for a given period and look for BTC consolidation trading patterns a few have occurred already. Then, look at what follows such periods. As already noted several times, past behavior is no guarantee for future performance. No one can be sure how the market will go after a consolidation. However, studying charts to spot trends and patterns is an excellent way to get a feel for how the markets work.

Here are some common examples. In a business setting, consolidation is about the merging of businesses. When this happens, two or more entities merge into one. Sometimes, traders do the opposite: they consolidate their assets by selling some to buy more of others.

Each BTC transaction carries a cost , and doing several can add up to a hefty sum. Consolidation is a phase that every market, be it crypto or any other, goes through from time to time. It is typically characterized by slower price movements and lower trading volumes. A consolidation period may last for a day, a week, or even months. While some investors see consolidation as a chance to make quick profits, others see it as a period of caution to wait out before making any decisions.

Whatever your approach is, understanding and preparing for consolidation is an important part of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. By Alan W. December 9, By Contributor November 26,

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