2000 bitcoin ransom
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2000 bitcoin ransom

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Sending bitcoin if you get this email is, of course, a bad idea. However, if you received one, changing your passwords is wise. In fact, it might be smart to change passwords for all important accounts even if you don't get targeted. A series of massive data breaches have exposed password information on hundreds of millions of consumers. These passwords are now floating around the dark web, available to purchase for scammers like this one, as well as those with even more nefarious intent.

Consumers who want to find out whether their passwords have been compromised can go to security website Have I Been Pwned , which has collected data on the email addresses and passwords that were involved in data breaches.

Frequently, consumers will find that their email has been subject to many breaches, which means that multiple passwords may be at risk. As an increasing number of housewares become internet-connected, consumers should also realize that the privacy they now take for granted in their own homes is no longer assured. If you can speak to it, it's listening. Those who want to make sure they're not being spied on by their own devices may want to turn those devices off while they're not in use.

Does it even have a database? Critical questions as such often give you a quick reality check if this is something you should worry about. Paying ransom even when your hard-drive is fully encrypted due to ransomware is a bad idea. As long as people pay the ransom, such as scams and ransomware malware just continues to evolve. Unfortunately, looking at the different bitcoin wallets linked to these attacks there have been at least 5 people who have fallen to the scam and paid the ransom.

Another wallet used in this scam has not yet received payments but has already been reported for abuse 81 times. Be very skeptical about all ransom emails and about this bitcoin ransom scam.

Similar scams have been used to trick people into believing they have been recorded behind the computer. Sometimes even their passwords are shown and the passwords are shown as proof in which cases they just use already existing database leaks to scam people who have been affected. If you're still afraid and not sure what to do. Write to the most IT knowledgable person you know to double-check.

Our team has found a vulnerability within your site that we were able to exploit. After finding the vulnerability we were able to get your database credentials and extract your entire database and move the information to an offshore server. We will systematically go through a series of steps of totally damaging your reputation.

First your database will be leaked or sold to the highest bidder which they will use with whatever their intentions are. Lastly any links that you have indexed in the search engines will be de-indexed based off of blackhat techniques that we used in the past to de-index our targets. We are willing to refrain from destroying your site's reputation for a small fee. Once you have paid we will automatically get informed that it was your payment.

Please note that you have to make payment within 5 days after receiving this notice or the database leak, e-mails dispatched, and de-index of your site WILL start! You can easily buy bitcoins via several websites or even offline from a Bitcoin-ATM. We will completely destroy your reputation amongst google and your customers. Once you have paid we will stop what we were doing and you will never hear from us again! Try Patchstack now , cancel anytime, day money-back guarantee.

Email address:. Updated: Agnes Talalaev. Table of Contents. Screenshot of the email. Don't pay the ransom Paying ransom even when your hard-drive is fully encrypted due to ransomware is a bad idea.

It's a scam Be very skeptical about all ransom emails and about this bitcoin ransom scam.

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This case shows how skilled, persistent and determined these criminals are, and that in spite of all the efforts of the cyber-security world, we are losing the race against ransomware. Most of REvil's members are believed to be based in Russia or countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. Prof Martin criticised Russia for providing a safe environment for ransomware hackers, but said that the West was making it too easy for these gangs to be paid and "unsurprisingly they are coming back for more".

Experts have expressed surprise at the group's demand that the ransom should be paid in Bitcoin, as opposed to harder-to-trace cryptocurrencies such as Monero. Original demands to individual orgs in monero; over-arching demand for masterkey is in Bitcoin. Earlier this month the US Justice Department announced it had traced and seized millions of dollars worth of bitcoin paid to the DarkSide ransomware group, responsible for shutting down the Colonial Oil Pipeline. But he said: "More and more ransomware operators are asking for Monero.

Swedish Coop stores shut due to huge cyber-attack. US companies hit by 'colossal' cyber-attack. Insurers defend covering ransomware payments. Image source, Getty Images. Counting victims. Traceable Bitcoin.

Original demands to individual orgs in monero; over-arching demand for masterkey is in Bitcoin � Ciaran Martin ciaranmartinoxf July 5, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. View original tweet on Twitter. Related Topics. I changed all my accounts using the password that was compromised. I know password is one of your password on day of hack.. Got this also. I knew it was not true because 1. I don't visit porn sites and 2. I don't have a webcam.

Concerning they got an old password, but it appears to be an old forum password as I use much more secure PWs for email and all other important accounts. I got this email twice today, from two different email addresses. I'm not worried because I never visited porn websites, LOL. Better luck next time suckers. At first I was worried that they knew an old password but when I read the email, I was like..

Plus the webcam on my computer is covered, LOL. Deleted the spam. I got the same email today. But the password they tried to show me I don't know where or if I've ever used that one anywhere? Is there somewhere I can go to see where I would have ever used that password?

Hey please tell what happened did you send the money did any harm come upon you afterwards? Because i recieved the exact same email i am so panicked right now please someone help! Dean ambrose. Yeah I also got the same mail what u guys do is it safe or is it really a problem. I have received these. I figure if it was real the scammer would include an example of my 'embarrassing' data to induce a bit of serious panic.

Not that I have anything to hide sigh. Personally I'm more worried about identity theft. In They do not have any video; they do not have access to your computer.

They simply got access to some leaked database that contained your email address and some old password. Suggested course of action is to pay nothing and to change all your passwords. The odds of them actually having any photos or video is miniscule. No, please do not worry. It is a completely fake one and nothing is recorded. All the same script based on an old Dropbox password. Ignored them all and nothing happens.

Received same email Tuesday September 29 Password quoted was something I used for many unimportant things. I won't use it in future. Have reported to FTC for what it is worth. I got this email and it said my name was a password that they had and I was so confused because I'm not dumb enough to use my name for a password which just made the email really weird for me I'm trying to go through everything to see what it could've been but idk So I got the same email today about 7 hours ago, just curious what you did about it.

I was pretty freaked out, still am a bit to be fair. I do know that it has to be bs since I don't actually have a webcam, none of my pcs ever did.

But still, it's something that I would like to see tied up so I can safely move on. Any suggestions? I got exactly the same thing letter by letter except for the amount It was instead of My goodness. Had the same email. An odd amount.. Nonetheless I have also reported the email on here, blocked and deleted it. Kinda panicking here. I know Funniest thing is i never use my school mail on my phone where i usually go to the adult stuff. I just received this exact email verbatim.

Thanks for posting this. People are so trifling. I received an email too. I got the exact same email. I received the exact same email, yesterday. I recognised the password as one my husband used regularly but he died more than 3 years ago. Thank goodness for these kind of sites we can check and report to. I received this exact same email! Pretty much word for word! What did you end up doing???? I had a small panic attack when i first saw it.

Got the exact same one word for word. Just reported it. Same situation and very grateful people took the time to write this up and inform the public on where to report it. Just imagine all the people who freak out and just respond with the demands in haste.

I also panicked but It was exactly word for word as yours. I got the same one today, word for word. I got the same thing but it was a text. Yeah i had one too, btw i remembered that i only watch comics sooo.

All I ever do is watch "comics" also LOL. I got the same email a few days ago. At first I freaked out because the password was something I had used before but then I went to search about this because my parents are very serious when it comes to online security. And then saw it was happening to other people. One thing I would recommend to anyone receiving this type of emails is to check for old mails like verifications of some website accounts.

I got the same exact email. I filed a complaint under other stating i was contacted on email. I received the same email four days back and I am ignoring it. I updated all my app's password and I know nothing will happen. Fun part is I am a cyber crime attorney and I am getting this phising mails.

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