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Whether it is your first-time visiting Crypto. The sports fans who come out to support their teams make catching a game at Staples Center memorable. Not only is the product on the court or ice great, but the food at the stadium is one of the best in the game. Skip to content. Close menu. Best Food at Crypto. Here are some of the best concession stands food options to get when you are at the venue!

Classic Crypto. Can you Bring a Backpack into Staples Center? There is no smoking inside Staples Center. The allure is debatable. The concept is to take an average stadium offering and elevate it. Instead of a crumbly hot dog bun, Citrin uses split, buttered brioche rolls meant to hold chunks of lobster. Did I mention the buttery part? After the first bite, your hands will be slick with grease. This is not a knock, just a warning to grab the appropriate number of napkins. A sausage in this gourmet bun is quite enjoyable.

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About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Special Supplements. By Jenn Harris Columnist. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. What follows is a guide to the best things to eat and drink at the arena. The Salt and Char chicken nuggets from Staples Center. The California Poppy cocktail from Staples Center. The Ludo Bird dark meat fried chicken sandwich from Staples Center.

The Ludo Bird chicken bites from Staples Center. The Salt and Char double cheeseburger from the Staples Center. Enter email address. Jenn Harris. More From the Los Angeles Times.

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So, with the ever-increasing number of technological advances, it seems as though investing in cryptocurrency is the new wave of currency use.

Similar to the Lakers, the Miami Heat also changed their stadium naming rights to a cryptocurrency company. They renamed their arena to FTX Arena over the summer. Similar to Crypto. As previously mentioned, cryptocurrency is starting to establish itself in the sports world. Because aside from naming rights in the NBA, it is latching on to other major sports in terms of sponsorship. The reason for its sudden rise in popularity is because the process is all done online.

What makes it different from common payment apps like Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App, is that these crypto companies use their own form of currency. Their respective currencies are often referred to as tokens.

What made this recent name change for the Lakers so shocking is that nobody saw it coming. However, Crypto. Sometimes companies need to jump on certain trends for the sake of marketing and staying relevant. But, this new trend will definitely take some time to get used to. Mainly, because cryptocurrency is still a new concept, that a lot of people are still learning about. Kobe Bryant was arguably the greatest Laker of all time having played with them his entire year career.

In addition to that, he has also scored the most single-game points 81 in the modern NBA. Unfortunately, he tragically passed away at the age of 41 on January 26th, Out of all the athletes to have played at their home games at the Staples Center, Bryant arguably seems to have been the best.

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe, even acknowledged that via social media. Especially given how relatively new Crypto. I certainly have my doubts in terms of its accountability and legitimacy. While focusing on the Lakers, I feel as though there are certain things that should never be changed. I am more than certain that there have been numerous attempts by big-name companies to try and obtain the stadium rights for some of these stadiums.

However, they remain with the original names that they first opened with. The name Crypto. Make sure to follow Belly Up Basketball on Twitter for more updates. Also, be sure to follow my personal Twitter page for more Lakers and basketball content. Trey Matthews is a lifelong basketball fan who grew up watching and idolizing LeBron James. He previously covered them for The Hockey Writers. Outside of writing, Matthews is currently the play-by-play announcer for the hockey programs at Adrian College.

Interestingly, he is also one of the only full-time black hockey play-by-play announcers in the entire country. Catching a Kings game at home is always a treat. Finding parking around Staples Center might be challenging at times. If you plan to drive, you should check out the Crypto. You can also take the metro to 7th street, which is the closest stop to Staples Center. That might be a good idea since LA traffic may be tough to drive through for specific games or events. Whether it is your first-time visiting Crypto.

The sports fans who come out to support their teams make catching a game at Staples Center memorable. Not only is the product on the court or ice great, but the food at the stadium is one of the best in the game. Skip to content. Close menu.

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Eating all the food we can at Staples Center - Stadium Eats Arena Suites | The Official Suite Website of Arena Arena Premium View Suites Upcoming Events Zach Bryan Wed Aug 23, PM . Arena is Almost Officially Here! Trey Matthews December 14, A while ago, the Los Angeles Lakers made the shocking announcement that they were . WebFood and Drink | Gametime Food & Drink Learn about the refreshment options available to you. Mobile Ordering Order food and drink at Arena through .