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Earn rewards in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with these credit cards. Crypto credit cards allow cardholders to earn rewards in bitcoin , ether and other cryptocurrencies rather than traditional points, miles or cash back. While some of the rewards and other perks may seem attractive on first glance, it's important to keep in mind the additional risk and volatility that comes with crypto over earning US dollars or an issuer-branded currency.

The crypto market is unproven and turbulent, with crypto prices down from their peak in -- in response to stimuli like the Federal Reserve raising interest rates and the luna cryptocurrency collapse. What's more, regulations and tax laws are evolving in this market, and legislators and enforcement agencies are applying particularly high levels of scrutiny to institutions offering crypto products. You'll need at least good credit to be approved for one of these crypto cards, but you'll be able to use them anywhere other credit cards are accepted.

The Venmo Credit Card is a cash-back rewards card , but you can choose to redeem rewards in crypto -- bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or bitcoin cash -- at the end of each month. Unlike some other credit cards, there are no transaction fees for converting rewards to cryptocurrency. Venmo automatically assigns your highest cash-back rate to your highest spending categories. The major drawback is that you cannot transfer your crypto from Venmo's custodial platform to an exchange or your own wallet, which may be a dealbreaker for some.

The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa is a simple crypto credit card -- or perhaps we should say bitcoin card. Though it doesn't offer anything above and beyond other cards, it's a satisfactory alternative if the other options aren't right for you. You'll only earn bitcoin rewards, but it does offer the same rewards rate as BlockFi at 1. You can use the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa anywhere Visa is accepted, but you cannot move your bitcoin from the custodial Upgrade platform to your own wallet, limiting your "ownership" to price exposure.

The only thing you can do with your bitcoin rewards is hold them in the custodial account or sell them to redeem as a statement credit at a time of your choosing. While this is limiting, it's still one of the most straightforward crypto rewards cards publicly available right now.

While legislation is still being hammered out, it is important to track your cryptocurrency buy-in prices so you can report any capital gains you may owe taxes on. If and when you sell your cryptocurrency holdings, you may be required to report capital gains and losses to the IRS.

Major tax software platforms are building out support for reporting crypto on your taxes, or you can consult with a tax professional to determine your specific needs. Cryptocurrencies are widely considered high-risk and volatile assets, so the value of your rewards balance may fluctuate significantly over time with no guarantees.

Accounts where cryptocurrencies are held are not FDIC-insured like banks, and some have ongoing legal challenges. Legislation is still evolving and has not yet been solidified surrounding cryptocurrencies, so there is inherent risk in the unknown.

After 6 months, customers can unstake the tokens if they no longer wish to have those tier benefits. The lowest entry card is free but provides 0 perks for anyone who just wants a cool metal crypto card. Instead of me covering all the perks and benefits, here is a convenient image from their site that sums it all up:.

To summarize the card, people are furious as they invested a serious amount of money into CRO to receive the amazing perks, only to feel like they were rug pulled as the company backtracked on their offerings which has resulted in the card not being nearly as good as it was, and no longer the best card on the market.

Is it still a good card? For sure! Getting a Spotify and Netflix rebate alone is pretty sweet, and the card is amazing for travelling as users can enjoy fee-free ATM withdrawals, free currency exchange transactions, and free interbank exchange rates.

Earning passive APY on crypto has become a staple for many of us in the crypto scene. May as well get the best bang for your buck! A Look at the Earn Section in the Crypto. Users can deposit cryptocurrencies and earn interest in over 50 different coins and tokens with more being added all the time. There are three holding terms users can choose from:. It is a mobile payment service that lets users pay, or get paid in crypto for free, anywhere, anytime.

The feature is run on the Crypto. Supercharger is a fantastic feature on the platform. It is a simple, flexible, and secure rewards feature that allows users to stake tokens with no lock-in restrictions, and earn popular crypto rewards on the Crypto.

Supercharger works similarly to a launchpad, though Supercharger rewards can also be paid out in old-school coins like Bitcoin. Supercharger is where users can stake tokens and passively earn reward tokens from projects, ranging from new listings on the platform, start-up projects, Bitcoin , Doge , Polkadot , you name it. During that time, users can stake and withdraw their tokens in a rewards pool as often as they wish. Then the acceptance period will follow, where users must accept their reward based on the rewards score they accumulated during the Charging Period.

Here is a look at a couple of different screenshots showing parts of the process for different events:. After the acceptance period, users will receive daily rewards during the reward period for whatever the token reward was, as is highlighted during the charging period. I really like this feature as it can be done automatically and passively. Users can stake their tokens and select for them to be automatically rolled into the next Supercharger event, allowing the user to sit back and relax while earning multiple different tokens that are simply deposited into their account on a daily basis.

This can be quite lucrative if the event is for some new token that is yet to see wide adoption. Image via Google Play. The mobile app is a breeze to use, and it is designed brilliantly. I often find that feature-packed apps that try and do too many things can be difficult to navigate as it can be cluttered and easy to get lost in, but the Crypto.

A minor inconvenience. Reviews of the app seem to echo my overall positive sentiment with an average rating of 3. Many of the negative reviews are people also mentioning that the app is running slow and being slow to load as I mentioned as well. Here is a look at some of the top collectibles:.

It was quite monumental to see Coca-Cola choose Crypto. Together we are creating a completely new form of memorabilia. This protocol can currently be interacted with via the Crypto. For anyone familiar with Uniswap , Crypto. Liquidity Providers LPs are incentivized for contributing to liquidity pools with Triple Yield through:. While buying, selling, swapping, fiat deposits and withdrawals are available within the Crypto.

The specifics of the exchange are outside the scope of this article, you can find info pertaining to the Crypto. Withdrawals to external addresses have fees that vary greatly depending on the token and network. Bank transfers are free to and from the platform except for USDC, which is awesome, with the following methods being supported depending on your location:. The website states that deposits can take a few days, but in my experience using SEPA, deposits happen in seconds.

Here are the stated deposit times:. I also came across this in their fees section which makes me go hmmm�. Images added for effect. So, it sounds like you are basically playing lucky dip when making a purchase and have no idea what fees you will be paying, and Crypto. After all, Swissborg and OKX both provide very clear and transparent fee structures, meaning you know exactly what to expect.

Ah, the all-important question of asset support. There is no point in signing up for a platform if they do not support your favourite assets.

Surprisingly, Crypto. For those who like to take full responsibility for their crypto, Crypto. If you are in the market for a new crypto wallet, we break down the different types in our article on the Top 8 Mobile Wallets. NFT support is big these days as well and the Crypto. There is also a browser-based wallet extension for use on desktop, similar to Metamask. Users can also access DeFi Swap in the wallet, allowing them to exchange tokens directly in the wallet while accessing coins that can be farmed at the best available rate, leveraging audited farming protocols.

DeFi Earn allows users to generate yield on over 35 different tokens which is done by accessing the different DApps that are integrated within the wallet, such as Compound Finance , Aave , Yearn and more.

The fact that the wallet supports NFTs, swapping tokens, seamless earning and farming by conveniently integrated DApps, purchasing crypto, and can access protocols hosted on Ethereum, BSC, Cronos, and Cosmos makes this one of the most multi-functional wallets available.

The team drives a Zero Trust and Defence in Depth security strategy across all their systems and platforms. Data privacy assessments are built directly into the processes that protect user information.

The security team screen all deposits for compliance and have a team that manually monitors all transactions on the platform. As far as security features, Crypto. Transactions are protected by Multi-Factor Authentication MFA which includes passwords, biometrics, email, phone, and authenticator validation, and whitelisting of withdrawal addresses is mandatory. For the sticklers who are interested in what certifications and standards are met by Crypto.

So, users of the platform can sleep soundly at night knowing that Crypto. However, in full transparency, the platform did experience a pretty significant hack in early resulting in lost customer funds. Image via Forbes. The breach was caused by an issue with failed 2FA authentication integration with the platform.

This black eye to their reputation led to Crypto. Following the breach, Crypto. A Crypto. Accounts are free and very easy to set up, here is the 6-step process on what it looks like to open an account:. Pro Tip: Never search for crypto apps directly in an app store due to multiple fake app download links from scammers that are nearly indistinguishable from the real app. Always hit the download link from the company website.

To verify your account, you will need the following:. While Crypto. This means that I reached out to their support team A LOT as I was flailing ungracefully, plunging deeper into the world of crypto.

At first, Crypto. My preferred method of contacting Crypto. When using Crypto. Other than live chat, they can also be emailed at contact crypto. The team is also active and responsive on Twitter , and they have a well built out help centre that should be able to address most questions or issues.

There is often some confusion around the Crypto. You will see this if you go to withdraw CRO on the network, there will be three choices in how you want to withdraw your CRO:.

ERC20 is for the Ethereum network. I am assuming you know what Ethereum is, so no need to cover that here, but what about Cronos and CRO? The mainnet beta is live, and the chain pledges to be carbon negative by It is being designed to be a public good protocol that will aid in driving mass adoption, supporting use cases like payments, DeFi, and NFTs. The value propositions for the Cronos chain are:. Both Crypto. Cronos is ETH compatible while Crypto. The primary use for Crypto.

The primary function of Cronos is to allow decentralized applications to be built on the platform using smart contracts. One thing I really like about Crypto. It was very convenient for me when I was earning a salary in cryptocurrency as my employer could send BTC to my Crypto.

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WebJan 1, �� Backed by the cryptocurrency exchange, the Visa Card is also known as the CRO Credit Card, after the token you�re required to stake . WebFeb 13, �� Card Great for: Prepaid card with crypto rewards stars Credit Score: Good/Excellent () Intro APR Purchases: N/A Balance Transfers: . WebDec 27, �� The credit card is a crypto-backed card provided by � one of the best crypto apps on the market. Most investors will have heard .