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Volumen en ingles

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They try to make up for their lack of musical talent by sheer volume. The music will sound better if you adjust the volume of the bass. Communications - general words. C2 [ C ] one in a set of related books :. The second volume of his memoirs will be published later this year.

C2 [ C ] formal a book :. She took a slim volume down from the shelf. He lifted a fat volume down from the shelf. Waugh's first volume of memoirs dealt with his childhood and youth.

He penetrates deeper into the artist's life in the second volume of his autobiography. She picked up a thick volume and began to read out loud. This is the eighth volume in the series , which totals 21 volumes in all.

Books: kinds of books. The main difficulty with teaching is the sheer volume of work. The system could not handle the volume of electronic mail. We are looking for a high volume of sales. What is the volume of the fuel tank? The helpline could not handle the volume of calls from people having problems.

Retail sales volumes rose by 5. Trading volume totaled more than 2. The average daily volume has been , shares a day for the past three months. They will not begin manufacturing the laptop in volume unless they have firm commitments from buyers. The company will begin shipping in volume next month. Ejemplos de volume. Thirteen chapters cover taxonomy and distribution, production volumes, ecology and agronomy, harvesting, processing, economics and marketing. Del Cambridge English Corpus.

The later volumes will deal with the mathematical theory of genotypic change in populations and the realizations of this theory in experimental and natural contexts.

Thus, creation of large volumes or extended flows of plasma are required. Thus, the individual chapters are in themselves generally engaging, yet cannot compensate for the volume's lack of theoretical rigour and integration.

A study has also been carried out comparing the influence of different starting bladder volumes. Note that the average volumes and costs shown in this table are uncorrected estimates. Fixed costs will be spread out more with higher volumes 1.

However, it is probable that these volumes are unrealistic in routine clinical practice with a mix of patient acuities. The volumes of the large, medium, and small artificial seeds were , , and 31 mm3, respectively.

The tone of the volumes is not eulogistic. Interestingly, the titles of the second and of the third volumes do not mention concepts such as 'decline', 'crisis' or 'climaterium'.

Hence, there were no reasons to discount volumes of healthcare consumption or effects. The use of bounding volumes allows to simplify the mathematical representation and reduces the computational complexity. By present day pricing standards it can be said that, despite their cost, the two volumes under review represent very reasonable value for money.

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A global financial transaction tax seems to me a very good idea, and we are working on th a t area i n ord e r to p u t forward proposals at an appropriate time. A global financial transaction tax seems to me a very good idea, and we are working on that area in order to put forward proposals at an appropriate time.

The International Bureau has increased its reliance on outsourcing in as a means of dealing with the increasing workload in th e area o f the translation of abstracts and reports. F oca l area 3. It is precisely because we do not have so many Cambridges in Europe that we have been wor ki n g to h a ve a real European rese ar c h area , b ec ause Cambridge and other very important universities in Europe are quite international. It is precisely because we do not have so many Cambridges in Europe that we have been working to have a real European research area, because Cambridge and other very important universities in Europe are quite international.

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