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Coinbase q2 results

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Quite simply, Coinbase managed to accrete trading volume despite generally falling crypto prices over the time period in question. The incremental growth in retail volume from Q1 to Q2 is impressive for a single quarter, frankly, but the pace at which Coinbase added institutional volume in the quarter is even stronger. For the more crypto-focused than financials-focused out there, the second set of numbers is even more notable.

A changing of the guard? The company listed three reasons for why this happened, the second of which is the most interesting. Per the earnings report:. Basically, the neat stuff that the Ethereum blockchain enables is driving volume in its underlying coin, ether. Bitcoin may be the oldest crypto, but its crown may be starting to rust. Certainly, Coinbase remains a transaction-led company, but in revenue terms, its third line-item is becoming material. In Q1 , retail transactions yield was 1.

One factor driving down yield for the U. Another factor is larger transactions coming from bigger crypto traders, which would also drive down yields. According to FactSet, the analyst consensus is 6. Analysts expect Coinbase to have as many as Now we all know that past performance is no guarantee of future gains � but it.

EVs are bringing a range of supporting technologies and infrastructure with them, from battery manufa. When the user tagged her in a tweet commenting that she should look at other recalls besides Tesla's and pointing her toward an Apple security issue identified on Feb.

Almost a full year of monetary-policy tightening by the Federal Reserve appears to be having little impact on inflation, putting policy makers in danger of needing to do much more, according to former U.

Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. Threat comes after 11, workers lost their jobs in November. Higher prices are an issue, but they're not the biggest problem facing America's largest supermarkets.

Consumer credit experts expect balances and interest rates to keep rising in High-profile layoffs at companies like Amazon , Google and Microsoft have affected tens of thousands while an uncertain economic future have brought many former forces from growth to, if not survival, then stagnation.

Seshadri joined Google after the "no-code development platform " AppSheet he co-founded was acquired by the tech giant in Tesla has been speaking with potential advisers about a bid, the report said, citing people with knowledge of the matter, and added that Sigma Lithium is one of the many mining options the electric-vehicle maker is exploring as it mulls its own refining.

Tesla and Sigma Lithium did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment. Sigma is finishing construction of a hard rock lithium mine in Brazil that it expects to open by April.

Presidents Day is just around the corner. On Friday, the Dow Industrial Average rose 0. Here are a few things you can do to stretch your nest egg over the course of your retirement. Financial advisers and retirement coaches often have two words for people in their 50s and 60s concerned about retirement: Work longer.

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