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Wattenhofer eth

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They should also safeguard the user's privacy, while allowing for effective law enforcement. Sanches and Harald Uhlig An account-based central bank digital currency has the potential to replace demand-deposits in private banks. In that case, the central bank invests in the real economy and takes over the role of maturity transformation to allow risk-sharing among depositors.

Her function as intermediary exposes the CB to demand-liquidity or 'spending' shocks by her depositors. Since demand-deposit contracts are nominal, high aggregate spending not necessarily demands excessive liquidation of real investment by the central bank.

A run on a central bank can, therefore, manifest itself either as a standard run characterized by excessive real asset liquidation rationing or as a run on the price level where a small supply of real goods meets a high demand. The central bank thus trades off price stability against the excessive liquidation of real goods. We analyze a two-country economy with complete markets, featuring two national currencies as well as a global crypto currency. If the global currency is used in both countries, the national nominal interest rates must be equal and the exchange rate between the national currencies is a risk-adjusted martingale.

Deviation from interest rate equality implies the risk of approaching the zero lower bound or the abandonment of the national currency. If the global currency is backed by interest-bearing assets, additional and tight restrictions on monetary policy arise. Thus, the classic Impossible Trinity becomes even less reconcilable. Some central banks are already pushing ahead with the development of CBDC. The philosophy of CBDC is remarkably similar to that of hard cash.

CBDC's backend, on the other hand, inherits technology from cryptocurrencies. In particular we envision that the backend should be a permissioned version of the ABC system, which fundamentally differs from both classic blockchains as well as systems based on byzantine agreement. Recently, Facebook researchers have published FastPay, the first technical paper of their upcoming Libra cryptocurrency, which cites ABC as their main inspiration.

Apart from technology, we can discuss some of the user experience challenges: How will a CBDC bank account look like? What if there is a power outage or an internet failure? How should private banks position themselves in a CBDC world? What about privacy? Hopefully, this presentation will be highly interactive, with lots of audience questions. Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Why payments need networks and networks need payments.

Are you looking for a PhD position? Please apply here. Some conferences we care about: in distributed computing , in networking and systems , in algorithms and theory. You can query any conferences which are relevant to you on the confsearch website.

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WebFeb 16, �� A conversation with Roger Wattenhofer, Professor at the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK), and philosopher Ijoma Mangold about the . WebRoger Wattenhofer is a full professor at the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Department, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He received his doctorate in . Web?Chainlink Labs, ETH Zurich? - ??Cited by 3,?? - ?Distributed Systems? - ?Decentralized Systems? - ?Blockchain? C Stathakopoulou, C Decker, R Wattenhofer. Tech. rep., ETH, Zurich,. .