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Cnd review crypto

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These are the safest and most stable investments, 10 leading tokens. Popular options: :baseCompany, :compareCompany, Neo, and so on. These tokens most likely have a great future, and in the event of market volatility, they will be least affected. These are promising and developing projects with great growth potential from the top Here we are talking about active trading and highly profitable instruments, and constant attention is required. Lesson: never put all your eggs in one basket.

Lesson: while tokens are stored on the exchange, do not consider them as yours. No data. Public blockchain. User rating 4. User rating 1. Cryptogeek rating 4. Cryptogeek rating 0. Trust Score 4. Trust Score 1. Type coin. Type token. Founding Date Founding Date No data. Country International. Country No data. Languages No data. Team Public. Protocol Public blockchain. Protocol No data. Current price USD 0. All-time high USD 9.

All-time high USD 0. Price change 24h 4. Price change 24h Volume 24h Hashrate No data. Max Supply Total supply No data. Total supply Circulating Supply Transaction fee No data.

Mining profitability medium. Mining profitability No data. Algorithm No data. Proof type No data. Fully premined No data. Fully premined no. Smart contract address No data. Smart contract address 0xd4cf5b09fcccb1fefa. Total coins mined No data. Total coins mined Is trading No data. Is trading yes. Block reward No data. Block reward 0. Block time No data. Website ark. Website cindicator. Team Score. Conclusion: Technical feasibility is moderate, the status of operations is relatively stable, the possibility of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors exists to a very large extent, and risk is to a definitely limited extent controllable.

Warning: Cindicator is committed to serving its users by integrating the opinions of financial analysts and machine learning models into its system. The core code of the project is not completely open-source and its update is quite slow. Utility Score. Developer Score. Market Maturity. A proprietary rating derived from the activity of developers, on chain behaviors and market activity. FCAS explained. You agree with our privacy policy. Based on 4 reviews.

Crypto Asset Category Utility Tokens. Main website. Get Premium. Jan 27th, am Copy direct link. Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Weiss Crypto Ratings The only ratings agency that combines the broadest coverage, strictest independence, complete objectivity, high ethics, and a commitment to safety.

Final Verdict D. Adoption Very important. Very Weak Read more. Momentum Very important. Risk Very important. Links: Source. This is an interpretation of Weiss Crypto Rating.

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The platform collects data and forecasts from a group-wide perspective. The data comes from daily questions that the analysts need to answer. Analysts with the most accurate predictions and forecast are incentivized via ratings which are ultimately monetized on a monthly basis. The AI component takes these predictions from the Collective Intelligence Platform and through machine learning compares the data against alongside general market data. In short, the platform has its own, bespoke CND token.

Token holders can access more complex services based on their stake within the ecosystem. The holders also have to pay a fee which is used to replenish the funding pool that goes towards the payment of the CIP. Cindicator brings a breath of fresh air in the crypto world thanks to its unique features and thought-provoking concepts.

Its Hybrid Intelligence model is bound to make Cindicator one of those projects worthy of keeping an eye out for future investing. As technology will inevitably evolve even more, so will the power of Cindicator which might expand its reach from the financial fields to scientific analytics, as well as political, weather- and sport-related events predictions.

CryptoGames is a premier online crypto casino that offers players a wide variety of exciting and entertaining games. With a simple yet effec Press Release: Following the positive reception of the in-development Metaverse game Chimeras, RedPill Studio has announced a private fundin Editorial Team. Rate this Company. It makes it possible for the two to supplement each other and combat their shortcomings.

The information from both sources is then combined in order to create a most probable prediction of outcome. The Cindicator Bot has several access levels depending on how much tokens you are willing to stake.

The signals provided are, for the most, very accurate. The platform has made some very good calls in both markets and has managed to predict quite a few price spikes and drops. Participants in the Cindicator platform are rewarded CND tokens for their forecasts depending on how successful they are.

CND tokens are also staked in order to get access to the Cindicator bot, which incentivises users to buy and hold their tokens. Aside from the huge price to get the most out of the Cindicator bot, there are no major flaws with Cindicator. The platform has been around for almost 5 years now and has managed to make a name for itself with its forecasts.

The team seems in check and are very persistent. Cindicator is one of the most solid and most successful projects in the crypto space. It is well established and almost all users have had a positive feedback. Despite the fact that it costs quite a lot, the platform is quite advanced and the information it provides is quite useful and can be capitalized on. It makes it possible for the two to supplement each other and combat their shortcomings Overview Technical News Guides.

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