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R/crypto mining

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In addition, they have posted a detailed and comprehensive guide to mining. With more than fifty-five thousand members, this is a subreddit dedicated to the Monero XMR users community to learn how to mine. Moreover, there is a separate thread with answers to all the Frequently asked questions for all beginners and new members.

NiceHash claims to be a leading platform for mining and trading cryptocurrency. You can easily earn cryptocurrency by connecting your PC and performing trade activities with over 60 coins over their exchange. Furthermore, there is a thread for all new community members to refer from, which has the links that direct you to the video of the proper tutorials and guide videos on mining that can help you understand and execute its process.

Also Read: What is Cloud Mining? Created back in , this is the official bitcoin mining forum globally. Unlike other subreddits, they have neither a separate thread for monthly discussion nor another one for frequently asked questions which makes it a little hard to follow for the new members or beginners to understand. Additionally, there is a separate tab that mentions the subreddits of the moderators so that you can reach out to them anytime.

This subreddit has two sections dedicated to Beginners Builds, Frequently asked Questions, Unlocking Engineering, Mining groups, Mapping asteroids, etc. It has mentioned everything a member can access in separate sections in order. Also Read: 7 Best Ways to buy Dogecoin. This community consists of a community that wants to know about Dogecoin Mining. In contrast to the other subreddits, there are no rules or sections that help new members to catch up, which might make the subreddit difficult and overwhelming.

Apart from that, there are links and threads of discussion on a wide range of topics and detailed discussions about mining which a member can utilize and use. The community was formed in and is currently growing at a continuous pace. However, it has many similar features as that of bitcoin while also adapting and changing some other aspects where the development team felt the need for improvisation. Another active and strong community of members is Vertcoin, a Graphic card mineable cryptocurrency created in Moreover, They have a discord channel as well to help the member in case of any inquiry or doubt instantly by clicking on the given section.

Reddit is a worthwhile resource that can prove to be good if utilized. These subreddits might help the user make a decision based on the discussions where community members share their personal experiences, opinions, advice, and perspective.

The list of these subreddits can provide critical insights and help anytime, depending on which cryptocurrency you are mining. Bitcoin mining legality depends entirely upon the geographical location. For example, in countries like China, Russia, Bolivia, Algeria, and Ecuador, bitcoin trading is restricted or outright illegal.

The profit you can gain from mining depends on several factors: 1. The price of the electricity 2. The availability and cost of the computer system. The difficulty in providing the services 4. Miners can profit if the price of cryptocurrency coins exceeds the cost to Mine. A miner will need a set of tools to trade.

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Games that earn you crypto This process involves recording data blocks and adding that transaction records to a public record ledger nining as a blockchain. R/crypto mining Read: What is Bitcoin mining? Miners can profit if the price of cryptocurrency coins exceeds the cost to Mine. Placing restrictions on such r/crypto mining helps the community to maintain its reputation as a viable platform minjng crypto traders. In some cases, analysts do not post original analysis. Reddit is a worthwhile resource that can prove to be good if utilized.
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Are you sure you want to create this branch? In the cryptocurrency world, mining is the development of a unit of currency by using computational power to solve a series of very difficult mathematical problems or puzzles. Mining is extremely competitive. The first miner to solve all the puzzles gets to add the unit of currency to the blockchain ledger and wins the unit of cryptocurrency. The hash rate is the speed at which a cryptocurrency miner operates.

Specifically, it is the speed of the computing device used by the miner to develop the unit of cryptocurrency. Speed is literally the most important part of the mining operation. It is the speed, or hash rate, that determines how fast the miner can solve the puzzles, add the unit of currency to the blockchain ledger, and receive the cryptocurrency in return. The hash function is a mathematical algorithm that takes digital data as an input and spits it back out as an encrypted string of letters and numbers.

The cryptocurrency miner uses the hash function to solve the mathematical puzzles required to build one unit of currency. The speed at which the solution is found is the hash rate. It is no longer possible to use a desktop, or even laptop, computer to mine cryptocurrency. The central processing units CPUs are simply too slow.

If you try to use a laptop computer with a graphics processing unit GPU , even that is not enough power. It would take more years than you can imagine to mine one Bitcoin , an example of one type of cryptocurrency.

Instead, you need a dedicated cryptocurrency miner as your hardware. The hash rate is best found empirically. Every cryptocurrency mining device has its own hash rate, which can vary. The number of other miners working in your network also has an effect on the hash rate.

Most mining is now done within networks of other miners. If you want to calculate your hash rate, there are several ways that you can approximate it. You can use one of the widely available online calculators, like whattomine.

It includes benchmarks for many different mining devices. You can also download mining software and run benchmarks on your mining hardware. To further complicate the hash rate, it will vary based not only on your mining hardware but on the type of cryptocurrency you want to mine, Bitcoin vs. Ethereum for example. Hash rates are usually measured in hashes per second, mega hashes per second and sols solutions per second of hash computations used on one blockchain.

The numbers are very large and extend into the zeta hashes per second, which is one septillion 1 followed by 24 zeros hashes per second. Sol is a measurement used on only one blockchain.

Hash rate, or hash power, is the unit of computational power in cryptocurrency digital networks. It is best calculated empirically due to the large numbers of variables and cryptocurrency miners on any given mining network. It is seldom wise to attempt to mine cryptocurrency, unless it is one of the lesser-known currencies, without a mining network.

As more digital coin is mined, hash rates get faster and difficulty increases. No longer can cryptocurrency be mined on a desktop or laptop computer with any degree of speed and efficiency. Special mining hardware and software have been developed to deal with the ever-increasing hash rates required to be a successful miner. Investing in cryptocurrency is very risky and not meant for beginning investors. If you think you might want to invest, it would be best to talk with a financial advisor.

Cryptocurrencies are only one type of alternative asset that can be invested in. Other alternative investments include things like real estate, precious metals, rare musical instruments and fine art.

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WebFor the entire year of I was a single-GPU-miner with an AMD RXXT I used to have "by accident". I never bought the card for crypto, but once the bull-run emerged I was aware of it's mining potential and used it most of the day to mine ETH - which made me good profits, even though I live in a country with very high electricity costs. WebConclusion. Making profits with GPU mining is still almost impossible unless you have free or almost free electricity available - for example in regions with excess electricity. As a . WebMine the bitcoin with 15 lines of python code. In this video I will show you how exactly bitcoin mining works and we will write simple python program (less than 15 lines of code) that can mine.