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Des javax crypto illegalblocksizeexception last block incomplete in decryption how to move tokens off of metamask

Des javax crypto illegalblocksizeexception last block incomplete in decryption

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Even though we could start to throw an Exception upon receiving this combination, it's not a significant issue and doesn't seem worth the effort. These modes aren't being used much. We will suggest the manual application of the padding to our partner. Let's see if we can make the guys even happier : Thank you for the great and fast service, Thank you very much for the response and extensive answer.

The guys from BouncyCastle responded too and confirmed that a Padding is not needed. Well, we have to connect our system to an external service partner order processing who requires that combination. Because we had issues getting both system to talk to each other, we filed this defect at both service provider. The padding helps mask the exact length of the input text which is why we use it.

If the generated key stream is longer than the plaintext or ciphertext, the extra key stream bits are simply discarded. I am going to respond to the gentlemen David and Pete from the BouncyCastle replies that you sent me, and ask them to please not change their implementation as it is "technically" not "wrong".

Will need to think about whether to backport to previous releases. I responded back: begin Thanks for the pointer to RFC We'll need to think about it further.

I'll add this info to the bug report. On a practical matter, if we do decide to implement it, it will take some time before it will appear in JDK7, and it may not necessarily be an automatic candidate for backporting to earlier releases JDK 6, 5. If you have a support contract, that may make things easier. I'd suggest the following workaround if you do want to use SunJCE.

The PKCS5 pad algorithm is very easy to implement. Strip the padding when you decrypt. G was originally created with the String 4 and we were hoping to decrypt this and retrieve 4 , but haven't been successful.

I was hoping to get a basic decryption working and then build off from there. This is first step and I haven't gotten through it. I'll respond as I find out more from a few more tries following your suggestion.

You have to encode the results on the server using base 64 for the code to work, if you cannot directly transfer bytes. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Improve this answer. Maarten Bodewes Maarten Bodewes Thank you for replying first. Hmmm are you saying that I shouldn't be encoding into a base 64 byte array?

But don't I need to pass in a byte array for the decryption? What do you suggest for that? I'm just not understanding the exception and what I can do to even get it to return even a blank or something rather than throwing the exception. BadPaddingException was something that I also ran into.

Do you have any other suggestions owlstead? Base 64 is not a byte array. It is an encoding in characters of the byte array. So you need to decode the string you are getting into a byte array, and decrypt that. BadPaddingException is what you run into when the last block of the ciphertext does not decode into a plain text block with valid padding.

This happens when the bytes of the last ciphertext block are incorrect, or when the key is incorrect. In other words, it just tells you something is wrong which is not very helpful in itself :P. Which Base64 class you are using?? I get error on that line the method decodeBase64 byte[] is undefined for the Base64 � Jayesh. Encrypyt the above byteArray using cipher.

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