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Btc charts trading view

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You probably want to trade with the trend, so I This resistance zone, which is related to the monthly time frame, is very important in the Bitcoin trend. Fractals can be very helpful to give an idea how the price action behaves after certain trends, which is where trend lines become especially useful in conjunction with fractal strategy.

In my Hey traders, in today's trading session we are monitoring BTCUSDT for a buying opportunity around zone, once we will receive any bullish confirmation the trade will be executed. Trade safe, Joe. Price action is up; however, volume is declining. A clear indication that buyers are leaving. When prices are rising and volume is decreasing, it tells that a trend is unlikely to continue.

Price may still attempt to rise at a lesser pace, and once sellers take control which is usually signified by an increase in volume on a down bar or candle , prices will fall Traders, welcome. If you "Follow", you can always get new information quickly. Please also click "Boost". Have a good day. D, USDT. D chart first is that it is judged that the price change of coins tokens can be predicted to some extent if the overall money flow of the The bearish trend line from the ATH just got brokeand retested.

This is a day long trend line! Ma 50 and golden cross happened. The slope of MA is positive after a long time. Ichimoku Cloud is green, and the price is above it.

Passing up 25K is hard but this maybe the last chance for buying in this price range Those who still believe that bitcoin It seems that due to the increase in inflation, the downward trend is still maintained.

Hello, Bitcoin fans! While my local price analysis is playing out it's time to talk about the potential crash which can happen next week. First of all let's notice the huge supply zone. Yesterday the price squeezed above it and we saw the immediate reaction, but today the bearish pressure has been These trades reflect my trading history and are not investment advice and I am not your financial advisor Trades will be updated on the same published chart such as Take Profit, Early Exit or Partial Exit Good luck to all.

While Dominance alone doesn't mean much for spot, let's keep this in mind. New cycle already started? Notes are on the chart, but generally, we are at the point in the cycle where we bottom and people start front-running the halving, with value flowing to Bitcoin first relatively and then to Alts after the halving.

Bitcoin lost less dominance in this cycle and did not make new lows. Even if turns out to be a bad year for crypto and is counter to the Bitcoin fails the Howey Test, because it is the only crypto currency without an issuer government, corporation or "foundation". Therefore, it is considered a commodity by US law. Every other altcoins passes the Howey Test. That means that other cryptos are actually securities in the eyes of the US law. But these securities aren't registered to the SEC, so Now I expect a wave c somewhere If we look at the summative market capitalizations of all the existing cryptocurrencies, then we can arrive at a total market cap valuation for the entire cryptocurrency space Now that we can see BTC is potentially re-entering a bull market, I really want to assess the dominance to understand what its performance could be like compared to the alt space.

What we Crucial turning poing right here right now on the intermediate 0. Get started. D chart. Today Week 1 month 6 months Year to date 1 year 5 years All time. D top authors. HustleGrindMomentum Pro. Cryptorphic Premium. CryptoPatel Premium. D 6H Chart. Bitcoin Losing The Crypto War? Duck Duck Goose. BTC Dominance is bullish! Make or break for BTC. About new Bitcoin cycle. Dominance Elliott Waves Analysis.

Bitcoin Dominance Explained in short. Lupown Pro. NastyBeer Pro Updated. Show more ideas. On crypto market, a coin dominance is a ratio of its market cap to cumulative market cap of cryptocurrencies.

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This one is no exception. The volume isn't what it should be Two days ago I made an analysis on Bitcoin where I talked about the falling wedge pattern that has broken out. My bullish targets have been hit, congratulations if you took the trade. In my view, this These are two short term bearish patterns I'm watching. This is what bitcoin looks like on log scale.

There's a chance wave 4 is complete, once we get back into old range it could go to new lows. Time will tell. This indicates that the buying pressure has a strong enough momentum to negate this bearish pattern. The most strategically significant action in our view is where the 1W candle will close as this week it hit the 1W MA50 for Bitcoin is following a textbook Wyckoff accumulation 3 pattern, which would bring us one more wave down before the start of the next bull market, increasing the mounting evidence we might that the next months will see a decline in price action and opening more opportunities for long-term accumulation.

This wave would form the right shoulder in a classic inverse Get started. Today Week 1 month 6 months Year to date 1 year 5 years All time.

BTC The most important level for bulls in Babenski Premium. TradingShot Premium. AlanSantana Premium. CryptoSanders Premium. They can feel your greed. BTC death cross on a weekly, good night fokls!

BTC update, I dont believe the hype. BTC update. Solldy Premium. Various phases of the market and identification of a trend. Investroy Premium. BTC: Don't open the oven half way through. FieryTrading Premium. NeutronMan Premium. InvestingScope Premium. Accumulation Phase D, right shoulder incoming. Show more ideas. It was the first digital coin and as such, remains the most famous and widely-adopted cryptocurrency in the world. It's the original gangster in whose footsteps all other coins follow.

Great news for BTC investors! The double bottom pattern has been successful, and we're seeing some nice profits. It's a strong signal that the trend is reversing, and we can expect more gains to come. Publishing herewith my idea of bitcoin using curved pattern. It is one of the smart money concept where first price moves in a range and then break it either side where most traders take trade thinking it a breakout while the price deviates back into the range and gives an impulsive move opposite side to liquidate those breakout traders.

Hey Everyone! We only do this once a year, so it really is the best time to get a plan! While alerts have a ton of potential applications when it comes to trading, they are often underutilized because Publishing herewith my idea about trendlines and how it impacted bitcoin price in day trade.

The Next Move! This is our vision for the next move Trade carefully BTC. It's a movment to Stay inside the range. If we lose these range low we are gonna see more downside presure.

Our trade is based on the Smart Money Concept, which is a strategy that seeks to identify and follow the trading activity of large institutional investors, also known as "smart money. Our first TP hit trail till Reach as we discuss, move the sl in profit zone if you taken 10x lev. ADANI fell from to in less than four weeks in a sensational week. Here in this chart , I compare it with another instrument which printed a same pattern last year and try to predict how it might move.

Comparison purely based on technical levels. Follow piyushrawtani if you found the idea useful. Publishing herewith my idea for Bitcoin, yesterday informed about weekly trend line and daily trend line, one acting as resistance and other acting as support, bot acted perfectly for many hours for any update i will publish my chart in mind section with a comment here.

Get started.

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WebBTC / USD $23, 24h Change 24h High 24h Low 24h Volume % 25, 23, Log in Register Depth chart Created with Highcharts Depth chart Created with . WebBitcoin (BTC) TradingView Chart | Coinpaprika Date Range 5y 1y 1q 1m 7d 1d (UTC) log auto Bitcoin (BTC) in USD 1D O n/a H n/a L n/a C n/a n/a (n/a%) Volume D. WebBTC chart Today - Week - 1 month % 6 months % Year to date % 1 year % 5 years % All time % Ideas You better be Bullish on ALTS! TOTAL3, .