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In , the ETH built its students an alpine garden trail for research and experiments. Most of the plant species in the alpine garden have been transplanted from their original habitat. Visitors especially appreciate the pharmaceutical plants garden, which has been planted with medicinal plant species. In , the alpine garden trail was created for the students of the environmental sciences.

The design concept is that of concentric circles with four zones, arranged according to active substance. Containing 30 shrubs and medicinal plants, this garden also acts as an educational trail for students of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences. The origin of the plants in this garden is Madagascar, as the name suggests.

Unlike the tropical rainforest vegetation in the Zurich Zoo, the specimens here are endemic plants only found in its dry and barren mountain regions. There are only very few gardens in the whole world in which these plants thrive.

This is why plant specialists travel from all over the world to view the specimens here. The plants have a similar life cycle to plants native to Switzerland, flowering in spring, losing their leaves in the autumn, and lying dormant during the winter. To further improve the flowering of the plants, new lamps were installed in that also have a lower energy consumption. The lamps require approx. The Madagascar garden is located inside the HPH Physics building and includes 16 families and some 75 species of plants.

The HPW building also features a greenhouse. The students are free to use this area for their experiments and studies. A garden with aromatic plants and herbs was created. All plants are labelled. In order to be able to use the terrace in the summer heat, a shaded pergola was built with climbing plants wisteria. The valid student ID is used as proof of admission.

As the holder of a Swiss Olympic Talents Card in the gold, silver, bronze, elite, Talent National or Paralympics categories, you can apply for a university sports card from your 17th birthday.

In order for you as a partner to be able to redeem a university sports card in the participation category "life partner", the employees of the University of Bern or the PHBern must have purchased a university sports card. This is not necessary for students. The Unisport ID is valid for 12 or 24 months from the date of payment value date. Once the validity period has expired, the ID is not automatically renewed.

An electronic reminder with a link will be sent 30 days before the expiry date. The link can be used to apply for an extension of the ID on the university sports website.

Alternatively, the extension can be requested and paid for at the University Sports Secretariat. The validity of the ID card is extended without interruption, provided that the authorization to participate is still valid at the time of the renewal and the application for the extension and the fee to be paid are received by the University Sports Office 10 days before the expiry of the validity period of the previous ID card.

If you lose your university sports card, you can obtain a new one from the secretariat for a fee of CHF Unisport ID. Who can take part in Unisport Bern? Eligibility to participate. Students and Further Education Students. Proof of entitlement to participate - copy or screenshot of your current student ID. Access document - Unisport ID Costs - included in semester fees Further education students at the University of Bern As a continuing education student at the University of Bern, you are entitled to apply for a Unisport ID in order to take part in the Unisport of Bern.