eth zurich master degree
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Eth zurich master degree

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QS World University Rankings. International applicants must have English proficiency to be considered for admission to ETH Zurich and to receive a student visa for studying on the university premises. The minimal ETH Zurich eligibility requirements needed to be considered for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions at eth zurich are listed below:. College Finder. Know universities that fit you best! Application deadline.

Tuition fee. There are various ways to get to ETH Zurich , including taking the bus, train, walking, or renting a motorcycle. The city has an efficient and well-developed public transportation system. Switzerland's public transportation system has excellent coverage and is well-integrated between trains and geographic buses.

The trains are federally affiliated with the external page Swiss Federal Railways. These systems are seamlessly linked, allowing you to travel between cities easily. Purchasing a recurring monthly, annual, etc. Campus Accommodation for all the students who wish to enroll in the residential settlement on the campus premises.

However, whether students live on campus or in another area is entirely up to them. The University ETH Zurich Housing Office continues to operate its search platform and publishes a comprehensive list of additional search options.

Specialists, scholars, and research scientists from around the world attend ETH Zurich. The calculated student-to-faculty ratio at ETH Zurich is , and 21 percent of its classrooms have fewer than 20 students. Research opportunities at university. ETH Zurich is home to world-class basic and applied science, society, sector, and politics research. At ETH Zurich , approximately 30, people from over countries study, conduct research, and work.

Internship opportunities Part time job opportunities. The ETH Zurich offers fully-funded international internships to undergraduate and graduate students. The internship is open to all students around the world. Every year, ETH Zurich University invites students from all over the world to participate in a two-month internship. Placement - Companies and average salaries offered. ETH Zurich has maintained a reputed, reliable, and well-defined placement rate over the years.

The university can also arrange a lump sum wage depending on the funding provider's requirements. The funding source also determines the salary amount. ETH Zurich provides its employees with stimulating work and a first-rate infrastructure.

It expects them to deliver exceptional results in return. Home Home Explore Explore. Universities By Country.

Explore other universities. University Deadlines Get to know the application deadlines of all courses across universities.

Resources Resources Country United States. View all country guides. Courses Masters Computer Science. Universities Guide. Electrical Engineering. Automotive Engineering. Aerospace Engineering. Bachelors Computer Science. Computer Engineering. View all course guides. Blogs A curation of articles on abroad studies from experts and students. Scholarships Explore and apply from a long list of popular scholarships.

Top Z'rich, Switzerland Public University Established in Established in Ask Our Experts. When in doubt Average tuition fee Economical. Interest rates as low as 7. Just fill in your preferences and ta-da! Reach the best loan offers with Loan Finder. Bachelor Materials Science. Mechanical Engineering. Bachelor Mechanical Engineering.

Bachelor Food Science. Interdisciplinary Studies. Bachelor Interdisciplinary Sciences. Bachelor Human Medicine. Pharmaceutical Medicine. Bachelor Pharmaceutical Sciences. Bachelor Health Sciences and Technology. Bachelor Biology. Environmental Studies. Bachelor Environmental Sciences.

Bachelor Earth Sciences. Bachelor Mathematics. Bachelor Physics. Bachelor Computational Science and Engineering. Master Architecture. Landscape Architecture. Master Landscape Architecture. Master Quantitative Finance. Biomedical Engineering. Master Biomedical Engineering. Chemical Engineering. Master Chemical and Bioengineering.

Master Civil Engineering. Master Integrated Building Systems. Master Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Master Energy Science and Technology. Master Nuclear Engineering. Master Environmental Engineering. Master Materials Science. Master Mechanical Engineering. Master Micro and Nano systems. Process Engineering. Master Process Engineering.

Master Food Science. International Studies. Master Pharmaceutical Sciences. Master Pharmacy. Master Health Sciences and Technology.

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Its structure allows the students to create a study program that is aligned with their personal interests. The core courses allow the students to strengthen fundamental understanding by going deep into topics in materials and characterization.

With the choice of elective courses , the students may specialize in materials-related areas, such as materials for energy technology, semiconductor materials, nano-science and -technology or others.

They may also broaden their horizon across disciplines by attending Master level courses offered by other departments at ETH Zurich, for example also in management. In addition, students must obtain credit points in the Science in Perspective course program in the area of humanities, social and political sciences.

For students starting their studies in HS , practical experience is obtained by performing two research projects in one of ETH Zurich's many research groups in Materials.

The Master's degree programme is concluded by a Master's thesis of 6 months' duration. Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Main content. Apply to become a quantum engineer at ETH Quantum engineers are in high demand! Multi-disciplinarity in quantum research The established NCCR QSIT leads to new quantum technologies as i t combines concepts from physics, engineering, chemistry, and computer sciences.

To study what does not exist yet: Our future quantum engineers will be trained in an entirely new field, that is currently evolving in parallel with the technological advances in research and industry.

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Whereas the general direction of development can be anticipated, nobody knows in detail what exactly the future will bring, and how fast the process will develop. Window 2: 1 Apr - 30 Apr only for students with Bachelor's degree from a Swiss university. Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Main content. Apply to become a quantum engineer at ETH Quantum engineers are in high demand!

Besides imparting knowledge and skills for your future career we will prepare you for the responsibilities you will assume in society as a graduate.

For this reason, we lay great weight on the development of cross-disciplinary competences such as critical reflection and argumentation. Our students immerse themselves independently and enthusiastically in their chosen fields, pursue discussion with peers and faculty, and value cultural and academic diversity.

Press Enter to activate screen reader mode. Personal initiative and cross-disciplinary competences Take advantage of the range of selections offered in our curricula and shape your studies according to your personal strengths and interests.

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WebStu�dents with a Bach�elor's de�gree from the De�part�ment of Ma�ter�i�als at ETH Zurich can start both in the au�tumn or spring semester. Stu�dents of uni�ver�sit�ies other than ETH Zurich . WebETH Zurich Admissions Office Raemistrasse HG F 21 Zurich Switzerland. If your university offers the possibility of submitting your completion documents via a secure . WebInformation on the various study certifications for Bachelor's and Master's Degree programmes can be found here: Welcome to the Registrar's Office The team of the .