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Bitcoin passphrase generator

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We recommend using a photograph that you have taken. Note: If you have difficulty recovering your brainwallet using the file hashing functionality, please try this older version, which generated non-standard checksums with some file formats. This has been corrected in the current version. Your salt inputs are concatenated and used as the salt for the scrypt function. Performance may vary depending on your hardware, and in some cases may not work at all. If you run into problems, try a different web browser or use a newer computer.

We can't sacrifice security for legacy support. Keep a copy of the HTML file that you used to generate your brainwallet for safekeeping.

By using brainwallet. The service is provided on an "as is" basis, without any warranties. We are not responsible for any losses in bitcoin that you may incur for any reason. Daniel Routman routman protonmail. Passphrase: random. Name: Email: Phone: Date of Birth:. About brainwallet. Terms of use By using brainwallet.

Created by Daniel Routman routman protonmail. Version History v1. Currently, we do not check the balance of Bitcoin, but we will do it later. We only check the balance of Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and Matic Blockchain.

You may input a present BIP39 mnemonic, or generate a brand new random one. Typing your own twelve words will possibly no longer work as you assume because the words require a particular structure the final phrase contains a checksum. For more info, see the BIP39 spec.

The seed phrase is a series of words produced by your crypto wallet that give you access to the crypto associated with that wallet. Think of a wallet like a crypto password manager, and a seed phrase like a master password.

As long as you have your seed sentence, you will be able to access every crypto associated with the wallet that produced the sentence � even if you lose or delete the wallet. When you create a crypto wallet, the seed phrase is automatically generated. The seed phrase represents a long series of random numbers � and your wallet uses it to generate secret keys that allow you to send and use your crypto.

The reason the phrase given to you is in the form of words rather than a long series of random numbers is that people are better at remembering and interacting with word order. But you should not rely on your memory to preserve the phrases of your seed. What are the best alternatives? See the section on protecting your seed phrases below. Each seed phrase is removed from a list of 2, simple words. The standard also makes great wallets work: if you want to change wallets, you just need to put your seed phrase in a new wallet and your crypto will be found there.

If you lose or remove a wallet, you can also recycle it using your seed phrase. Keeping your seed phrase safe from hackers, in the event of a crime of identity theft, or just a simple loss is crucial. Your seed word offers you get admission to your wallet and all the private keys inside the pockets. You can think about a crypto-wallet as being like a password manager to your crypto � so long as you have your master password the seed word you have access to all the related crypto.

You can use this tool if you want to recover your Trust wallet recovery phrase or metamask recovery phrase.

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Bitcoin Wallets: Recovery Seed, Passphrase, and Pin

WebIf you use a weak passphrase, you are at risk of having your bitcoin stolen. We recommend a minimum of 8 random words. Click the "random" button to have a secure . WebClient-side Bitcoin address and deterministic wallets generator, Base58 converter, transaction builder, signing and verifying messages with Bitcoin address bitcoin . WebBitcoin Random Word Passphrase Generator. This script can be used to generate random passphrase words for bitcoin wallets. Script's homepage: Bitcoin Random Word .