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Frontiers in blockchain

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The sensitivity of the plaintext and ciphertext is also checked and compared with existing approaches which thus demonstrates the security of the proposed approach in the given setting. With the popularity of Bitcoin, there is a growing need to understand the functionality, security, and performance of various mechanisms that comprise it. We formally define the semantics of Script, and study the problem of determining whether a user-defined script is well-formed; that is, whether it can be unlocked, or whether it contains errors that would prevent this from happening.

Consortia blockchain networks face the issue of expanding their systems to new members. Onboarding processes are often cumbersome, as they require identifying the new participant, manually setting up rights, exchanging key material, and adding information about the new member to the consensus smart contract. Besides that, these processes are time-consuming and scale poorly. Identifying the members might be faulty as the pre-existing members might be deceived by malicious parties claiming to be someone else.

This paper proposes a novel methodology to allow the onboarding of new parties without time-intensive off-chain processes. We establish identities of new consortia members by utilizing TLS certificates bound to publicly known domain names.

With this identity scheme in place, the network operators can define rules such as only specific parties are allowed to join the network, e. This methodology scales well, provides for extensive ruling and monitoring, and helps consortia blockchains to grow faster. Economic growth requires a sharp increase in the utilization of energy. Since the initial mechanical era, financial development has been driven by industrialization, transportation, and, most important of all, electrification, majorly achieved by petroleum product ignition.

This way of development has had malicious and abusive aftershocks on the environment since the beginning. Smart grids are an idea to slightly diminish the burden on our Mother Nature, but this idea is getting tainted by the anticipation of ferocious technophiles who may try to get the grid down using quantum computers in the coming years. Thus, security becomes one of the major concerns for the smart grid.

In this paper, we propose a quantum-resistant framework for associating smart grids and blockchain embedded with a permutation-substitution-based public-key cryptosystem in Galois Field to prevent unauthorized access and perform encryption of the private information of the user and consumption statistics. Permutation and substitution are performed to increase the diffusion and confusion of the data. Expenditures are quantified from the dissipation particulars, and the payment of electricity bill is performed using our blockchain wallet.

The prediction model of consumption data is generated availing stochastic gradient descent. The performance analysis of the proposed cryptosystem is predicted after a simulation of the smart grid. Governance for centralized organizational structures has long roots and well-developed frameworks, including for various specialty areas, such as IT or data governance. However, the introduction of blockchain technology as a supportive tool for implementing decentralized organizations requires a renewed focus for research in the area.

The paper utilizes empirical data from blockchain ecosystems in the form of white papers public communique of intention to analyze their governance intentions. The empirical findings are based on a review of blockchains and distributed ledger technology white papers, out of which 67 include explicit descriptions of how governance should be organized in the ecosystem.

Our empirical research distinguishes between three categories of governance: objectives, mechanisms, and stakeholders. We further identify 28 features for these categories, which are described in an open encoding format. Hence, the paper contributes to the emerging blockchain research field, particularly to the decentralized aspects of blockchain governance research.

This research also reveals that blockchain governance does not receive the attention it should as a large majority of ecosystems have not disclosed their governance intentions.

The results can be utilized as a framework for future research. The results can also be helpful for industry when designing and developing governance systems. Blockchain technology has been promised as a solution to social and environmental issues in supply chains.

The potential includes reduction of vulnerable party exploitation and avoiding environmentally harmful practices.

Yet, it remains unclear how these potential improvements are created and whether blockchain can truly contribute. Therefore, this field study explores and identifies the mechanisms for blockchain technology to facilitate positive social and environmental impacts in supply chains.

We applied an explorative qualitative research approach and interviewed blockchain technology implementers and practitioners that allowed a detailed analysis of this problem despite the scarcity of practice data. The results include the development of a middle-range theory that shows barriers and drivers of blockchain-based technologies in supply chains, introduces the concept of blockchain-enabled system, and outlines expected outcomes and impacts.

We further identify four impact pathways that describe how blockchain-enabled system create positive impact: voluntary market mechanisms, plausibility checks, smart contracts and tokenisation, and peer-to-peer trust. The African continent specifically its overwhelming in animate resources is often referred to as the sleeping giant by magazines, blogs, research presentations and articles, and NGOs [such as World Bank].

Developing a blockchain-based identity backbone using biometrics and historical family information while allowing government-based identification documents is the best way forward. Three stages have been identified as necessities to accomplish the development of this system before opening it further beyond the pan-African worldwide community. Add open access links from to the list of external document links if available. Privacy notice: By enabling the option above, your browser will contact the API of unpaywall.

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Frontiers in blockchain Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the Associate and Frontiers in blockchain Editors of the respective specialty section. For more information see our F. Frontiers check this out well aware of the potential impact of published research both on future research and on society and, hence, does not support superficial review, light review or no-review publishing models. Frontiers in Blockchain Latest Publications. Load More Frontiers in blockchain often tend to maintain a publically accessible ledger of all transactions. Open Access pathways permitted by this journal's policy are listed source by article version.
Frontiers in blockchain Frontiers in blockchain more about Research Topics. So please proceed with care and consider checking the Internet Frontiers in blockchain privacy policy. About the Editiorial Board. As the field is growing fast, we seek to adapt to the changing research landscape, integrate and cross-link studies and citations blockchan related subfields, and provide an overview of the state-of-the-art in these fields and the ways in which they complement each other. Safeguards against Financial Conflicts of Interest. Citation data Add a list of citing articles from and to record detail pages.
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